Nude Nails

I’ve been obsessed with nude nails for the past two years. This is a photo I took about two months ago when I had pointier nails ;)

Polkadots and little bows…

This is what I call a lazy day lol Gotta love the “Love & Beauty” from Forever 21! Best polish brush ever :) I used a photo filter to enhance the colour because I just couldn’t capture the real colour. Hope everyone had a wonderful week so far :)

Stunning Nails!!!

Somehow I got lucky enough to come across this absolutely stunning nail design on the interwebs ;) All I want to know is HOW?!?! Beautiful nails, colour, shape and adds as a fab accessory! Agreed everyone? :) Hands down this is what I want for my wedding nails! It’s so original and cool…now question is […]

Valentine’s Day Nail Design

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been out of the Country and just returned home :) Hope you enjoy these beautiful nails that I found online. I’m in love with this shade of purple!!!

Lace Nail Design

Still experimenting with these free-hand making it up as I go along designs…lol I’d like to try something more intricate next time. Wallpaper or fabric usually gives me my inspiration! :) In this photo I used Essie’s “Turquoise & Caicos”.

Chandelier Nail Art

I was inspired by wallpaper with velvet chandelier-like designs. Does anyone kind of know what I’m talking about? lol I did everything free-hand and made it up as I went along…Enjoy :) In this photo I used China Glaze’s “Channelesque”

Penguin Nail Design

Did you know that when a Penguin finds its’ mate they stay together forever? And that’s why I love Penguins so much :) I’ve noticed that Penguin designs look better on square/squoval shaped nails. But since I already had oval/pointy nails I thought I’d give it a try. It turned out pretty good! She looks […]


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