Nude Nails

I’ve been obsessed with nude nails for the past two years. This is a photo I took about two months ago when I had pointier nails ;)

Polkadots and little bows…

This is what I call a lazy day lol Gotta love the “Love & Beauty” from Forever 21! Best polish brush ever :) I used a photo filter to enhance the colour because I just couldn’t capture the real colour. Hope everyone had a wonderful week so far :)

Stunning Nails!!!

Somehow I got lucky enough to come across this absolutely stunning nail design on the interwebs ;) All I want to know is HOW?!?! Beautiful nails, colour, shape and adds as a fab accessory! Agreed everyone? :) Hands down this is what I want for my wedding nails! It’s so original and cool…now question is […]

Valentine’s Day Nail Design

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been out of the Country and just returned home :) Hope you enjoy these beautiful nails that I found online. I’m in love with this shade of purple!!!

Lace Nail Design

Still experimenting with these free-hand making it up as I go along designs…lol I’d like to try something more intricate next time. Wallpaper or fabric usually gives me my inspiration! :) In this photo I used Essie’s “Turquoise & Caicos”.

Chandelier Nail Art

I was inspired by wallpaper with velvet chandelier-like designs. Does anyone kind of know what I’m talking about? lol I did everything free-hand and made it up as I went along…Enjoy :) In this photo I used China Glaze’s “Channelesque”

Penguin Nail Design

Did you know that when a Penguin finds its’ mate they stay together forever? And that’s why I love Penguins so much :) I’ve noticed that Penguin designs look better on square/squoval shaped nails. But since I already had oval/pointy nails I thought I’d give it a try. It turned out pretty good! She looks […]

Silver Gradient Nails

My second attempt at doing Gradient/Ombre and let me tell ya…I’m still having troubles with it. One of the tips someone gave me was to use thicker polishes such as “Konad”. Any tips on how to get a better flow and make it blend better? In this photo I used Essie’s Mirror Metallics Collection in […]

Essie Bridal Collection

I’m in love with all of these colours! Which colour is your fave? I’m going to have to narrow it down closer to the wedding day =S Any suggestions? My dress is going to be white.

Fireworks Nail Design

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday with all your loved ones and best wishes to each and every one of you for 2013! I’ve been MIA lately due to all the holiday extravaganza :) But I’m back and will be posting more often! I rocked these simple fireworks nail […]


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